Frequently Asked Questions

Is it legal for me to use medical cannabis (marijuana)?

In Maine, qualified patients can legally use medical cannabis (marijuana) to treat certain medical conditions with a doctor's recommendation.

Is it legal for me to purchase cannabis (marijuana) for recreational use?

In Maine, effective January 30th, 2017, adults over age 21 may legally grow their own and possess up to 2.5 ounces of prepared marijuana for personal use. Recreational cannabis sales require special licensingDoor14 remains a cultivator of cannabis products under the Maine Medical Use Marijuana Program. See also Recreational Marijuana in Maine | Maine State Legislature for official information.

Marijuana remains illegal under federal law.

How do I get certified to use medical marijuana?

In Maine, any M.D., D.O. or C.N.P. can recommend cannabis for patients with a qualifying condition. We recommend these physicians.